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Create Jobs, Bring Hope, Transform Lives

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Talanton invests in faith-driven, growth-stage enterprises in developing countries with $500K to $5MM in revenue in sectors that provide jobs for those living in poverty. Our hallmarks include deep due diligence, creative investment structuring, and developing meaningful relationships based on mutual respect with company leaders and management teams.


Highlights of Talanton's Investments

This has been an exciting time for Talanton! Thanks to our supporters and with God's grace, the number of full-time employees, part-time/seasonal workers and smallholder farmers at our investments in East Africa has significantly increased during 2020 and in spite of Covid.

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Some of the top ten most resilient and fastest growing economies in the world!

Together we can change lives.

We will use your gift to invest money into faith-driven, growth-stage businesses that need capital to create good jobs. They have grown well but need capital now to grow further. These are businesses we have vetted that are providing a permanent transformation to people's lives in the developing world - financially, spiritually , and socially. Together we can create jobs, bring Hope and transform lives.

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