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About Gamma:

The Next Disruption After ETFs.

Index investing should be technology enabled, highly personalized, low cost, transparent and available to everyone. Index investments that can be personalized for the mass market at scale is the next disruptive technology after ETFs. A boutique firm with single focus on custom index investing can deliver innovation, specialized investment expertise and unique value proposition to clients. By offering index solutions tailored to client needs, we are aligning with client's best interests, rather than pushing specific products on the shelf.

Who We Serve:

We provide various portfolio management services and investment strategies to the following types of financial intermediaries and institutional investors. We do not engage directly with retail clients. Retail investors may access GAMMA's advisory services indirectly via their investment advisor or other financial intermediaries.

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Services & Solutions

Investment Management

We provide discretionary portfolio management, sub-advisory and model delivery services.


Successful partnership requires ongoing conversations to understand your unique needs/circumstances, so we can create a holistic, optimal portfolio solution that meet your objectives.

Digital Client Interface

Our Client Portal with 24X7 access enhances your experience in SMA investing and efficiency in our service delivery process.

Our Solutions

All-Weather Index Strategy Offerings

Select from a broad array of differentiated index strategies across asset classes to enable a holistic approach to portfolio construction using Custom Index SMAs.


Some investors may seek to align portfolio with their own social values. Others may want to exclude a specific stock or industry due to personal circumstances. With SMAs, investors have the flexibility to tailor their portfolios to meet individual needs, such as excluding a specific stock or industry to reduce portfolio concentration risk while obtaining the consistent performance and diversification of index-based strategies. Our institutional-caliber customization capabilities empower advisors of all sizes to construct index strategies that meet their clients' ESG goals.

Tax Management

Despite the significant impact of taxes on investors' after-tax wealth accumulation, most taxable accounts are often managed with tax implications ignored or treated as a last-minute afterthought. While Alpha is a scarce good and very difficult to consistently obtain, Tax Alpha can be achieved through a systematic and reliable investment process with index-tracking portfolio strategies. Investors should use Custom Index SMAs to maximize Tax Alpha by harvesting losses as they become available and deferring gains as long as possible. The compounding effects of tax savings add significant value to an investor's wealth creation over time. Through our comprehensive investment platform, tax-managed solutions are implemented throughout the year to improve long-term wealth creation.

Custom Index Development

Investors seeking specific market exposures unavailable through ETFs can use GAMMA's platform to create custom indexes that meet their unique mandates. They have the opportunity to either modify an existing index or create an entirely new index based on their specific requirements. Our custom index development capability empowers clients to achieve any strategy by bringing their own investment ideas to life. We can design, construct and back-test new index concepts according to clients' specifications. Powered by technology, data and indexing expertise, our platform provides an end-to-end process where indexes can be created and implemented into an SMA in an efficient and timely manner.

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