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Why Invest in Real Estate?

For generations direct real estate investing has provided immense wealth, but only for the select few. Historically, investors needed specific knowledge, the right connections and most importantly access to large amounts of capital. Hedge funds, professional investors and the ultra wealthy have taken advantage of these opportunities for years, but now any Accredited Investor can participate in this once out of reach opportunity.

Our Investments

BV Archway Real Estate Income Fund

The Fund is a diversified portfolio of triple net leased assets with a focus on Texas and Sunbelt States that have demonstrated resilience during the current economic environment. The primary goal is to provide stable current income in a conservative investment while still providing the opportunity for future upside upon the exit of the investment.

BV Capital Multifamily Fund I

The Fund has a dual investment strategy focused on opportunistic multifamily investments. First, the Fund focuses on acquiring value-add multifamily properties with a minimum of 150 units per property. Second, the Fund focuses on developing new multifamily properties with a minimum of 200 units per property as well as second phase opportunities for existing projects. These new developments are focused on access to retail, close proximity to upscale single family housing, quality schools, and transportation arteries.

BV DFW Student Housing Portfolio

A value add student housing portfolio consisting of properties at TCU and the University of Texas at Arlington. Both campus are experiencing significant enrollment growth and both properties are within 1/2 mile of campus.

BV Sierra Vista

The Villas at Sierra Vista Apartments are a 227 Unit workforce housing multifamily property about 9 miles west of Fort Worth, TX. Sierra Vista was purchased by a Bridgeview affiliate as a distressed property. During the affiliate's ownership period they have renovated 90% of the units, and increased occupancy from 60% to over 90%.

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